Christmas Tree Care and Advice

Follow these tips to get the best from your cut tree

  • Take the tree out of the transport netting once home
  • Shake the tree to release the branches & regain its shape
  • Stand the tree upright outside in the yard/garden in a sheltered spot stood in a bucket of water if possible until you want to take in
  • When you are about to bring in – saw 2/3 cm off the base of the trunk (this opens up the trunk and allows the tree to uptake water keeping it fresher/longer)
  • Mount the tree quickly into a pot or tree stand that can hold water
  • A medium size tree will drink almost 1/2 litre per day and it’s important to keep topped up
  • If the water should run out - the trunk seals itself and it can no longer drink!
  • Position tree away from obvious heat sources - Radiators and fires and if possible knock the central heating down a bit

Be Realistic! A traditional tree (Norway Spruce) can’t survive a warm room beyond about 14/18 days so if you want the tree to get through to the 3rd or 4th January best not to take in till about December 18th/20th! Other varieties can come inside earlier, but will still need watering daily.

Pot grown trees

  • Keep watered whilst indoors
  • Move outside and place in shady spot after festive season
  • March – either plant out in open ground, or re-pot into larger container
  • Feed & water during first summer

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